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From a Nova Scotia fishing village to the Grand Ole Opry!!

Crystal Taylor grew up in a Nova Scotia fishing village in Canada, moved west and married as a young woman. She has in recent years begun an exciting career in the field of Country and Southern Gospel music. Crystal Taylor has sung all her life – first singing country music as a child after her conversion – seeking to find songs to glorify her Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Over twenty years ago she began singing her own compositions and her career has begun to take off. Crystal has performed on concert programs with the likes of Susie Luchsinger (Reba McIntyre's sister and a respected country gospel artist in her right), Joanne Cash Yates, (sister of Johnny Cash), and Larry Ford (Singer on the Gaither videos) and others. Her twelve C.D's, which are played on selected radio stations world wide, have been recorded in Nashville and most of her musicians have been or are regulars players on the Grand Ole Opry. Crystal has headlined a number of "Cowboy Church" specials in Alberta and Nashville, sung on the Grand Ole Opry, (Grand Ole Gospel Hour ) and sung in the Calgary Stampede parade and a whole bunch more, all for Jesus. Her ministry has graduated from being a part-time job to a full-time ministry to glorify Jesus Christ.

Crystal has been touring Canada and the U.S. extensively since 1994. Her singing is "CRYSTAL CLEAR" and a pleasure to hear and wherever she appears the question immediately asked, "When are you coming back?" She's back and will be blessing her fans and new listeners, traveling full-time with her husband who is powerful Evangelist willing and ready to be used by God as He wills.

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PRESS RELEASE:  For more information on this artist contact booking coordinator;

 Herb Taylor at 1-403-342-7357

Crystal Taylor, Nashville recording artist and country/southern gospel singer will be appearing in concert

at ________________________ 

on ________________________

at _______________ am / pm.

Crystal Taylor grew up in a Nova Scotia fishing village in Canada and began singing country music as a young child.   After marrying and moving to Alberta her musical career took off when she began writing her own compositions.  Now Crystal travels full time with her Evangelist husband Herb Taylor who is also featured at most of Crystal's performances.

Crystal has recorded 12 CD's in Nashville with back up musicians most of whom either are or were regulars players on the Grand Ole Oprey.  She has performed across USA and Canada in a huge variety of settings, including churches big and small, rodeos, fairs, parades, cowboy churches and more.  Her message is "Crystal Clear" and it's a pleasure to hear her proclaim the gospel through the medium of country gospel music.

The public is invited to attend this special program.  A free-will offering will be taken.  CD's  will be available for purchase at the concert.

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Herb Taylor’s Bio for the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship


Bio 1

Come and hear how a family headed for break up and ruin due to Alcohol and poverty was rescued and saved through a 6-year-old girl who invited Herb’s little sister to Sunday School.  How a lifetime of godlessness was replaced by changed lives in a matter of just a few weeks.  How God brought forgiveness, physical healing, hope, and a new foundation for an entire family almost overnight!

Herb Taylor was the last to receive Jesus in his family but now travels the world with the message of Gods redeeming love and change. Come hear miracle stories how God ignited the entire family into full-time ministry over 24 years ago.  How special things can take place in regular people who are willing to take a step of faith.  Hear how his wife now is an award winning 12 times Nashville recording artist and songwriter and her music is played on selected radio stations worldwide.

Herb and Crystal have been married for over 40years now and it looks like there is no slowing down!

If you need a life change, a tune-up or even a physical healing, come to the meeting and hear what God can do through a couple of ordinary people who are willing to let God work through them. You take a step of faith and come and see what God can and will do for you.

Bio 2

Herb was brought up in a godless home. No mention of God till he was 14years of age. Alcohol was a problem in the household and what was normal for Herb was not normal for most other people. Brought up in a military household where it was discipline without love, Herb often said to his mom that his dad was the meanest man he knew. The future did not look good for Herb and his family! Herb’s mom was thinking of suicide, his dad was away for 6 months with the military, it was getting darker by the moment.

Out of nowhere, a new family moved in their neighbourhood and unknown to the Taylor’s God would intervene and bring relief to a broken and needy family. Here how God used a 6-year-old girl to bring the gospel message to a family who was desperate for a change. That is a very short time the entire family of 5 would give their hearts to Jesus and life began in a new glorious way.

With a new foundation to work on and with the help of people who love God, it was a fresh start and new beginnings for Herb and his family. Now Herb and His wife Crystal who have been married for over 40 years are travelling the world and bringing this special message to whomever the Lord brings in their path. Herb says, “If God can do this for us He can do it for anyone” Come and hear Herb's story, be encouraged and be ready for a change in your own life.

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