2017 Events


  • 22nd 10:30am  Balmoral Bible Chapel, Red Deer




  • 5   11:00am Penhold Community Church, Penhold, Alberta
  • 12 11:00am Penhold Community Church, Penhold, Alberta
  • 21st Red Deer Mayor prayer breakfast


  • 2nd 10:30 am The Embassy Church, Kelowna, BC
  • 2nd    7:00 pm  The Embassy Church, Kelowna, BC
  • 6th supper fundraising banquet, singing and preaching In 108 mile house  for Caribou Christian Life Fellowship
  • 7th Advisors meeting in Williams Lake for Caribou Christian Life Fellowship in Williams Lake. 12:00 Noon
  • 8th Supper Fundraising Banquet, singing and preaching at the E-Free Church in Williams Lake, 5:30pm
  • 9th church 3:30pm Tatla Lake Community Church
  • 10th Visitation at Williams Lake 11:00am
  • 11th  2:00pm Presbyterian  Home Church at John and Cynthia Nobles House, McLeese Lake, BC
  • 12th  1:30pm Visitation in McLeese Lake at John and Cynthia Nobles House
  • 12th 4:30pm  Visitation in Williams Lake BC  
  • 13th Travelling to Vancouver Island
  • 16th  10:30am  Mel Bay Baptist Church, Mel Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
  • 17th  Captain Morgan's, Genoa Bay BBQ Costal Missions send off
  • 23rd  am TBA
  • 23rd 7 pm  Mel Bay Baptist Church, Mel Bay, Vancouver Island, BC   
  • 7th  11am North Battleford SK Community Baptist Church
  • 7th 2pm  Moosomin Reserve, Sask. 
  • 7th  6:00pm Reclaim Centre, North Battleford, Sask
  • 14th  11:00am Grace Fellowship, Malta, Montana
  • 14th   7:00pm  Elim Brethern Church, Malta MT
  • 17th  7:00pm  Anaconda Assembly of God
  • 18th 7pm  Riverfront RV Park Church, Garison MT
  • 22nd 5pm  Vancouver Washinton FBGMA 
  • 23rd 6pm Portland OR, FBGMA 
  • 24th Vancouver WA, Lewis's Home Bible Study
  • 25th Vancouver WA, Romanian Church Bible Study
  • 26th Everette Washington/ traveled 8 hours to pray for a Lady with Cancer
  • 27th Portland OR, Oak Park Fair / God Mobile Service 35 people saved in two hours
  • 28th Portland OR, Romanian Church, entire church body responded to Revival
  • 30th Vancouver Washington, the Portal Home fellowship, Special prayer night!
  • 31st  Vancouver WA, Keith Nd Lilly's home bible study
  • 4th 11:00am Salem Oregon, Salem Baptist Church
  • 6th 5:00pm Salem Oregon, FBGMA 
  • 10TH 10am  Portland Oregon Pose Festival, God Mobile
  • 10th Vancouver WA, Light of Hope Church ( The Upper Room)
  • 11th  Portland OR, Clubhouse (Church great FBGMA contact)
  • 13th Prision in Lakeview OR 18 men saved
  • 14th 7pm Lakeview Church
  • 18th 5pm Portland OR, Community Church 
  • 21st 7PM Laurel Montana,  New Hope Lutheran Church
  • 25th 10am and 6pm Celebration Church, Lewiston



  • 30th 10:30 am Hixon  Pentecostal Church, Hixon, BC
  • 30th  7:00pm  Hixon Pentecostal Church, Hixon, BC
  • 31st  Alkali Lake Reserve, BC  Revival Postponed  due to Fires



  • 1      Alkali Lake Reserve, BC  Revival Postponed due to fires
  • 2nd  Alkali Lake Reserve, BC  Revival  Postponed due to fires
  • 6th am church Service TBA                Postponed due to fires
  • 6th pm church Service TBA                Postponed due to fires
  • 10th 77 Jamboree ,Tatla Lake, BC      Postponed due to fires
  • 11th 77 Jamboree, Tatla Lake, BC      Postponed due to fires
  • 12th 77 Jamboree, Tatla Lake, BC      Postponed due to fires
  • 13th 77 Jamboree, Tatla Lake, BC      Postponed due to fires
  • 26th  5:30pm  Crystal Clear Ministries Fund Raiser.  Balmoral Bible Chapel, Red Deer, Alberta


  •  24th Trinity Assembly of God, Johnston, Rhode Island
  • 27th Pastors area Prayer meeting, Daniel-son, Connecticut


  • 1st Trinity Assembly Of God, Johnston, Rhode Island
  • 22nd Connecter Church, Lakeview Heights Community Hall, 860 Anders Road, West Kelowna.
  • 27th 6:30pm  Viking Cowboy Church, Viking Auction Mart 
  • 29th Sedgewick Church of the Nazarene, Sedgewick, Alberta


  • 15th Seniors Luncheon, Living Stones Church, Red Deer, Alberta


  • 2nd 5pm Okotokes Seniors Christmas Banquet, Okotokes Alliance Church
  • 3rd 5pm  Balmoral Bible Chapel Christmas Banquet, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 9th 7pm Christmas Revival at  Kitimat Pentecostal Fellowship, Kitimat, BC
  • 10th   10:30 am  Christmas Revival service, KPF, Kitimat, BC
  • 10th     7:00pm   Christmas Revival service at the Kitimat Pentecostal Fellowship, Kitimat, BC
  • 13th 7:00pm Huston Pentecostal Church, Huston, BC
  • 14th 7:00pm Lighthouse Community Church, Hixon, BC


  • 14th Sunday 11:00 AM Willow Valley Cowboy Church, Presbyterian Church on the Delburn Road
  • 13th Cross Roads Church Seniors Luncheon 12 Noon  Red Deer, Alberta


*Stay tuned for more updates!*